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XAT Past Papers : XAT 2012 Quant

  1. Question 58 - 1 Mark: Number Theory : Three Vice Presidents (VP) regularly visit the plant on different days. Due to labor unrest, VP (HR) regularly visits the plant after a gap of 2 days. VP (Operations) regularly visits the plant after a gap of 3 days. VP (sales) regularly visits the plant after a gap of 5 days. The VPs do not deviate from their individual schedules. CEO of the company meets the VPs when all the three VPs come to the plant together. CEO is on leave from January 5th to January 28th, 2012. Last time CEO met the VPs on January 3, 2012. When is the next time CEO will meet all the VPs?
    Answer and Explanations

  2. Question 59 - 1 Mark: Mean, Median, Mode : Ramesh analysed the monthly salary figures of five vice presidents of his company. All the salary figures are in integer lakhs. The mean and the median salary figures are Rs. 5 lakhs, and the only mode is Rs. 8 lakhs. Which of the options below is the sum (in Rs. lakhs) of the highest and the lowest salaries?
    Answer and Explanations

  3. Question 63 - 1 Mark: Percents : Tina, Mina, Gina, Lina and Bina are 5 sisters, aged in that order, with Tina being the eldest. Each of them had to carry a bucket of water from a well to their house. Their buckets' capacities were proportional to their ages. While returning, equal amount of water got splashed out of their buckets. Who lost maximum amount of water as a percentage of the bucket capacity?
    Answer and Explanations

  4. Question 64 - 1 Mark: Mensuration : Ram a farmer, managed to grow shaped-watermelons inside glass cases of different shapes. The shapes he used were: a perfect cube, hemi-spherical, cuboid, cylindrical along with the normal spherical shaped watermelons. Thickness of the skin was same for all the shapes. Each of the glass cases was so designed that the total volume and the weight of the all the water-melons would be equal irrespective of the shape.

    A customer wants to buy water-melon for making juice, for which the skin of the water-melon has to be peeled off, and therefore is a waste. Which shape should the customer buy?
    Explanatory Answer

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